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Well done. Thanks for writing this, this is the best kind of information for the community.


This article is eye opening. It put words on a feeling that I had.

My question is: Do you have more tips to reduce the logic in the frontend?

My biggest pain right now in my startups is that I have to maintain a state in React/Vue through redux/mobjs. It is such a pain. How can I remove them of my life while still using React/Vue (they are a strict requirements because of mandatory UI Component only available in react)



Oh boy. After reading this I can definitely tell why Django is an opinionated framework. I get the idea – still lots of things to disagree with here.

Long tailed file names, over-simplification and brewing your own endpoints lead to what's likely a huge code-base – easily readable, but big. Not sure it's worth the trade-off when leaving the new engineers argument out of the picture.

> Make sure your test suite passes when the WiFi is turned off.

I was looking for a way to do this automatically -- like forbidding TCP connections other than to localhost (and maybe to the specified ports). But could not find one.


That's actually a really good idea for a Django feature. Consider adding a feature request:

Thanks a lot for writing this! Took inspiration from your django_for_startups repo and wrote up a version that uses flask:

There is typo in code snippet in Rule #14:

user_model = user_model = User.objects.create_user(...)

Great article tho!


Fixed, thanks!

I loved it. Building a start-up is patience, failing in between , and most importantly, never quitting.

I appreciate the sentiments of your article. If I may ask, how would you apply this line of thinking for a monolithic, non-SPA, vanilla Django templates project instead? Essentially I'm curious if you'll be utilizing Django Forms at that point?

Here's Alex's github link for this article, I didn't see it anywhere in here.

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