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"Literally even 0 is true and 1 is false."

Not exactly unprecedented:

$ true
$ echo $?
$ false
$ echo $?

Great, succinct summary of Urbit. I have a hard time articulating why I found/find Urbit interesting, now I can just link people to this post.

Thanks, Alex! You have some justifiable concerns about efficiency. I wrote a bit about Urbit's approach to this on my own blog:

I don't have much of a technical background, but I've been interested in urbit and enjoyed your summary. Maybe you can tell me what prospect I have to understand your six bullet points, after "some background." For example I'm interested in the concept of a "spec" (short for specification?) of a compiler, but it sounds like it might be the start of a long story. Do I have to know what a compiler is, to understand the answer? Or take your first bullet point:

"Urbit is a global computer. You write software by chaining together programs that reside on different ships from across the Internet. Urbit has 'typed piping', so you can safely pipe the output of one program to the next."

What does a typical computer, or network of them, do differently? It's not routine for the output of one program to be input into another?

The vocabulary gets harder from there, but it's not boring.

Yeah, returning 0 for success is common in C also, where more than one error code could be returned from a function.

This was an illuminating article, thanks.

I think there's a minor error in the first ordered list item:
1. Carriers are 8-bit ships. There are 256 total carriers and each can create 2^24 destroyers.

That should probably be:
1. Carriers are 8-bit ships. There are 256 total carriers and each can create 2^24 cruisers.

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