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Fractal Programming and Fractal lanning method applied.

This is a great idea. Why don't you put the mindmap in a github, so others can fill out the missing fields and contribute back.
This way we'd amass a giant repository of programming knowledge in one tree.

Use FreeMind a lot. Very good points. (Note to self: convert Vim cheat sheet to mindmap.) Strongly, strongly recommend anyone using FreeMind & owning an iPad get iThoughtsHD. Works fantastic in combination with FreeMind.

Do you dump everything in one big file? or you separate certain type of knowledge in different files? (what is the strategy?)

@Joshua Moore,

While that's a good idea in theory, it seems like you would have to be an expert in nearly every programming language to be able to pull that off well. I think it would be more more sensible for each startup to have one person designated as the knowledge czar to help collect and disseminate information related to the specific stack that people are using there.

@ Andrés,

I have all my programming stuff in one file, all my citation vault stuff in another file. Basically each file should be for a major project or area of life. If you were writing a book, that would be one file. If you're going to college or graduate school, then have one file for all your classes.

This is an awesome idea, thanks a lot for sharing it.

Been doing this on workflowy for many months, collecting everything from programming literature and code snippets, to dev environment setup guides. Now whenever I have a technical question I type it into workflowys search box and straight away the info is at my fingertips. You can use basic search expressions but also search by tag, and you can navigate into individual lists, e.g. Learning Perl, then run a search just in that book.

Ive used mindmapping software before but workflowy is just so damn simple, sexy and available (being an html5 web app) that it's become my go to program for remembering everything, and ranks well above evernote and mindmapping programs in this regard. It replaces everything and is free to get started with. I have no relation with the team, just a satisfied premium customer extolling the virtues. Move everything to workflowy!

I taught myself how to program with Freemind.

Alex, did you use any special formatting function to get your file looking like this? I'm starting my own file but it looks way messier then yours. Screenshot:


Set your edge style to Bezier in preferences. That should make it look like mine.

Also, my preferences under defaults are:

Standard Node Style: As Parent

Standard Root Node Style: Fork


I suggest you might find Docear (, a twice-removed Freemind fork, more useful than straight Freemind.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I have been using mindmaps for an year and now i have decided that I will be moving all my knowledge base into mindmaps.

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