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Comments tries to record time spent on content and spit out the top sites this way. It's still in beta ;(

Wow what a thoroughly insightful article, in an age of all-you-can consume information, sometimes the practice of curation at the first stage of attention will deliver value for our most precious asset in the knowledge economy - time.
Do you see the advent of user-profiling as a means to automate this process, or would a record of past information interactions better inform behavioural tendencies. So what you paid attention to in the past will indicate what you'll be most interested in the future?

@Tung Van Truong

Yes, I believe it's possible to use these definitions to algorithmically classify every written statement as *potentially* either insightful / informative / interesting / funny / none-of-the-above. Once we're able to classify written text in this way, we should be able to predict what writing someone will find insightful or whatever based on what writing they have learned from in the past.

With humour, you may want to google 'benign violation' which is a great framework to explain all sorts of humour - even when your wife laughs at you for hurting yourself.

Nice article, thanks

Thanks for sharing this. Great article. I learned something from this.

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