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Agreed. Hence, a new key to sustainable competitive advantage is creating media that:

* increases awareness of the community
* showcases participants in the community
* generates profits

Perfect. Great hello world post. Thanks Alex.

Another killer app would be the constructs that would allow cultures/communities to bridge each other. I'm thinking of contextualization/localization/internationalization.

"Today, all the good tools already been taken."


1. community. 2 ??? 3. PROFIT !1!1!

The arbitrage opportunity I see is a structural holes one - find parts of the net that aren't interconnected yet and bridge the gaps. This has been the classic way to build internetworks for the longest time, no change there.

Very good article - many thanks for sharing
Have made a translation into French
on my blog with the link to your
site and original English text
If you want to check

Thanks Cleo, I appreciate it. Feel free to translate anything you want from this blog. :-)

Great and nice blog on The arbitrage opportunity there must be a structural holes one - find parts of the net that aren't interconnected yet and bridge the gaps.

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