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It all boils down to how much we are willing to share.

And of course, there are those trolls.

Good post, Alex.

Nice post, you also could have added that we already have social networks for introducing complete strangers, DATING SITES. All of these areas, appear to have established leaders. Is there space for another social networking giant? it appears unlikely. The best bet is to attack niches but this runs the threat of another "me too " idea. You forget however, me too ideas can be successful. For example a facebook targeted at the hispanic community which can be viewed in both spanish and english, but tailors itself towards the hispanic community. This by your definition above is a me too product with few extra features. It may not meet a billionaire dollar valuation, but who are we to sniff at a $20 million valuation?

Social Networking features are easily at hand, I started this list of "White Label" Social Network software suites . meaning websites your can re-brand as your own.

The initial list was 8 companies and it's grown past 40.

Take a look here:

Social networking is no doubt here to say! I was just writing about it in my blog... Its here to stay.

I'm forwarding this url to our team of social networking website programmers & designers. Some great points here. Yeah we're just at the beginning of the social media craze.

Thanks take care.
Jon a Social Networking Software Developer

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