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Well, the problem with linking to good discussions from a content aggregator is, you import your greater fuckwads without contributing measurably to the discussion. It's like holding a punk rock festival at a peaceful park: sure the punks like it, but they probably ruin the experience for everyone else.

Nice idea, but how do we move towards this ideal? What's the unit of discussion that can be submitted?

Don't underestimate the value of the fuckwads, my friend. Like any ecosystem, the internet has a very delicate balance of fuckwads, n00bz, and 7331 haxx0rs. Trying to diminish the power of any one group will disrupt the fragile interconnections and possibly cause the whole ecosystem to collapse.

Try to imagine a good science blog. Notice that many of the discussions are brought up in terms of the terrible errors made by idiots like creationists, woo-believers, and so on. Like carnivores, interesting bloggers feed off of these ridiculous people, and without them the balance would be so disrupted that their blogs would cease to attract interest.

Anyway, I have been trying to develop an evolutionary explanation for the origin of internet fuckholes, and eventually I will perfect it, showing why exactly we need the fuckholes in order for the internet to remain in stasis.

Tracking conversations can be more useful than tracking content.
But you also need to track groups of users, people who already know each other.

I read your article about the mobile sandbox and this one. Your constructive criticism is just what needs right now (I am Trendirama's founder)
Please feel invited to send me your comments on it or write about us if you run out of topics at some point :) I promise not to get upset! I am trying to build a good community of articulate and interesting people there, but many things remain still to be perfected.
Also, consider yourself invited to write in Trendirama or as a guest author in

Controversy is ok, and we don't always have to get it right. You have an opinion and you publish it, and that's already brave and good enough.

Thanks for the interesting reading. Keep up the good work!

Javier Marti

PS/Please let me know if you accept my invitation or write about us.

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