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I disagree with your premise that entrepreneurs make more money than engineers. There definitely are some entrepreneurs who succeed and make crazy money, and they tend to be very noticable. But, there are many more who struggle or outright fail. Sometimes it is their fault, other times it isn't.

The real reason entrepreneurs must have "chutzpah" is not some irrational fear of rejection. Instead, it is the understanding that they are taking on a very real risk of losing money, wasting years of work, being legally liable, etc.

A great book that deals with this subject better than I could is "Fooled by Randomness" by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

hrm there are many engineers that are entrepreneurs. In fact if they have any sales and marketing at all they tend to be rockstar entrepreneurs because they have the capabilty to create the value needed to thrive. I know 3 really skilled entrepreneurs, two of them are engineers, the third had a rich family which allowed lots of funding. There is not really a distinction between entrepreneurs and engineers, it is an inclusive group. Becoming an engineer (especially a software engineer) makes the chances for successful entrepreneurship reachable. An entrepreneur with no engineering skills will still need an engineer to build the value.

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