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I just got sent this post from a friend. I hated it! I trash you!

what abunch of crap. you suck and youre picture is stupid and blurry.

if i like things i say so and you should to. if it sucks it gets voted down like on FARK and people dnot ignore it like im ignroing you! so shut UP!

Your post is insightful and spot on. Do you think that there might also be a correlation between the spite content of a comment and the number of spelling and grammatical errors it contains?

By the way: love the picture.

Yes, there is correlation and it's called age/maturity/ignorance (pick as much as you want).

Ouch, I think it should be "as many", but I'm not a native English speaker, so it does not count :P

Many of your posts seem insightful. This one seems wrong.

Kathy Sierra got a lot of link love and a bazillion positive comments every time she posted. She wrote great things and people, in general, acknowledged that.

Saying that "support is largely invisible, so sometimes all that's left to see is the hate" is wrong in this particular case. I never really noticed anyone trashing Kathy. Everyone I saw linking to her from their own blogs, or leaving comments on hers tended to be very positive. There was a lot more visible support than there were attacks. I didn't know about any of the nasty stuff until she brought it up, and I imagine neither did most of her fans. I guess I mostly read the "digerati", perhaps there were some small time bloggers who were less positive.

It was misogyny, jealousy or both. She had an enormously high profile. When you're getting that much attention, you will get the attention of some real low-lives, and some people will get jealous, and some people will just poke holes in your arguments, and lament the fact that you're getting more attention that you supposedly deserve.

Kathy's loss from the blogosphere was a tragedy, she really deserved most of the *positive* attention she was getting.

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